All This Rain in OPA & Flood Insurance

The residents of Orange Park Acres have seen a lot of rain in recent weeks. Yesterday was one of the most intense downpours in years. The rain coming down outside my window actually looked like a solid sheet of water for awhile. I couldn’t see anything beyond that amazing downpour. (Luckily I didn’t go out early for the bagels I was thinking about.)

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Flood insurance is something that a lot of people overlook, especially those of us who are up on the top hills of the OPA community. It is something that every homeowner should consider, however. Most of the time an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say. The average flood claim in the US is $33,000, and I guarantee you that it would be much higher in the Orange Park Acres community, since our homes are not run of the mill. Even those of us up on the hills are not protected from damage from a really big flood event.

In case you would like to do a little research without the pressure of a saleperson, why not take a look through the federal site for the National Flood Insurance Program. The website is called FloodSmart and it has the answers for a lot of the questions that you may have in your mind, as well as a few that you might not even have thought about. It is a good place to start in either case.

One excellent reminder from FoodSmart: Make sure that you have a room by room photographic inventory of your house. It takes maybe an hour or so to do, and it is crucial to have in case of a disaster of any kind. Luckily, we had done one before our house fire years ago. Do it with your family today, and then be sure to store a copy of it away from your house. Give it to your mom or keep it at your office.

Please keep in mind that there is a 30 day waiting period before flood insurance of any kind kicks into effect. Just an FYI.

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