An Interesting New Item For Baking Enthusiasts

If you are familiar with the Cricut lines of craft cutting machines, and you happen to love baking, then you should definitely take a look at their newest addition to their line. They call the new cutter the Cricut Cake.

Cricut Cake

Cricut Cake - Image courtesy of Provo Craft

The Cricut Cake cuts gum paste and frosting sheets and makes decorating an entirely new ball game! It’s really quite amazing. You can cut out flowers, monograms, scalloped edge designs, and so much more. The resulting cutouts can be used on just about any sort of baking: cakes, cupcakes, petite fours, and cookies area ll great matches.

It would also be interesting to try it out on pastry dough for the top of pies, although I’m afraid it may be too thick to cut properly.

Anyway, this was just a quick heads up for all the crafty bakers in the area. It looks as though the Cricut Cake could be a lot of fun!

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