Mara Brandman Horse Arena Grand Opening in Orange Park Acres

The Mara Brandman Horse Arena, formerly the Sully Miller Arena, will have its grand opening on June 22nd, 2012. The Orange Park Acres horse arena was purchased, as part of the larger Ridgeline Equestrian Estates development. Following a complete overhaul, this important Orange Park Acres equestrian arena is currently undergoing its final detailing before its first event. According to John...

Don’t Forget to Vote

Don’t Forget to Vote June 5th is the Presidential Primary for California. In addition to voting for the people you would like to see run the country, you also have the opportunity to vote for local issues of interest to those of us in the City of Orange, Orange County, and the state of California. Be sure to read up a little on the local issues. Surprisingly, they are often the most overlooked materials related to...

Ridgeline Equestrian Estates Headed to Voters?

The opposition to the Ridgeline Equestrian Estates is not giving up easily. Local residents have taken to the streets to accumulate enough signatures on petitions to overturn the recently approved Orange City Council agreement. Although the Orange City Council has given its approval for the Ridgeline Equestrian Estates after a contentious five-year review, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet. ...

Annual OPA Tack Sale

Annual OPA Tack Sale The beginning of June sees the OPAWL Hot Trotters setting up the Annual Orange Park Acres Tack Sale once again. The event appears to be growing with a larger group of vendors bringing all sorts of cool things to the event, and humane societies from the local Orange County area attending to place some animals in good homes. [ad#Google Top Banner] The Orange Park Acres Women’s League...

Annual Community Garage Sale

Annual Community Garage Sale The Orange Park Acres Women’s League is running a garage sale to raise money for the year. This is a great time to clean out your closets and your garage. If there are things that you don’t want anymore and you aren’t planning to take the time to sell them yourself, give them a call and drop off your items for the garage sale. [ad#Google Top Banner] Contact Kay (714-639-8288)...

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