Community Service at Mary’s Kitchen

Community Service at Mary’s Kitchen The start of Mary’s Kitchen was 84 year old Mary McAnena helping a homeless woman in hart Park in 1984. She would continue to help the poor for the next 18 years, until she passed away at the age of 100 years old. Now other have taken her place. [ad#Google Top Banner] It took 10 years from those humble beginnings before Mary and her volunteers found a permanent location at 517 West Struck...

OPA and Its Communities

OPA and Its Communities Orange Park Acres was founded in 1928 by Mervin Monnette and Frank Mead Sr., when they incorporated 640 acres as Orange Park Acres Corporation.  Unlike today, when an empty acre lot in this equestrian community can sell for over 1.5 million dollars, in 1928 you could have an acre for an amazing bargain of only $1000! [ad#Google Adsense] Within OPA there are a number of different communities...

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