Henry’s Grill and Rotisserie at the Orange Circle

Henry’s Grill has Closed

The Changing Face of the Orange Circle

It seems only fitting that the area known for the Orange International Street Faire and food from around the world, is now becoming known as restaurant row. Mixed among the antique shops of Old Town Orange are a number of restaurants that will tickle your taste buds in the best possible ways. The latest addition to this select group is Henry’s Grill & Rotisserie.

Henry’s Grill & Rotisserie, 149 N Glassell Avenue, Old Town Orange, Orange, CA 92866

Lunch at Henry’s Grill & Rotisserie

At first look, Henry’s Grill & Rotisserie looks like just another diner style restaurant, but you need to take a closer look. We went to Henry’s during the lunch hour, although they serve breakfast and dinner as well (stay tuned for the breakfast review as well). Even though Henry’s Grill just opened, they are already doing a brisk business, and we know why.

Henry's Grill -pastrami sandwich

Henry's Grill -pastrami sandwich

Taking a quick look at the menu, you’ll see a short list of sandwiches and burgers (primarily burgers), a list of varying amounts of rotisserie chicken, a list of skewers or shish kabobs and lunch salads. The burgers all come with fries. The shish kabobs and chicken have other options, such as rice, hummus, and flatbread.

There was a pastrami sandwich on the list, which happens to be one of my weaknesses, but I’m very picky. I can’t stand pastrami that is too tough, cut too thick, or not trimmed well enough. Any of those things turn turn the sandwich into a disaster. After reassurance from our server, Mikey, I decided to take a chance.

Nora wanted their Kobe Burger, but they were out of that delicacy, as well as a few other items. There was a Lamb Burger on the menu as well, but she was still lusting after the fixings of the Kobe Burger, so we asked if they could do the Lamb Burger like the Kobe Burger. We were answered with a welcome, “sure we can do that.”

Lamb Burger on Brioche & Fries - Henry's Grill

Lamb Burger on Brioche & Fries - Henry's Grill

While we waited for our lunch, we took a look around the interior of the restaurant. I felt there was a little bit of a disconnect between the logo and the interior photos, which were the predominant decorations, so I asked Mikey about them. At first he said they were going for the beachy feel, since we’re in Orange County, “…but we’re in Old Town Orange not the beach,” I countered. As we chatted he finally explained that he was a surfer and he and a couple of his friends had taken the bold ocean curling photos that lined the walls. Ah, now there’s the connection. Henry has allowed his family to help adorn the restaurant with their passions, which becomes a very cool piece of history in the making of Henry’s Grill. Eventually, everything will undoubtedly tie in closer together and meld into the culture of Henry’s Grill & Rotisserie.

Verdict on Henry’s Food

When our meals arrived, we knew we were in for a treat. In the gleaming steel baskets were beautiful thin golden fries with a touch of parsley sprinkled on them, and they tasted even better than they looked. My pastrami sandwich had a dark, rich look to it, which pointed to the care taken in cooking the meat. It was delicious! Tender, flavorful, an amazing taste in every bite!

Meanwhile, Nora bit into her Lamb Burger with the Kobe fixings of carmelized shallots, spring greens, tomato and some sort of delicious spread. Her eyes said it all… Foodie Heaven.. Yum! The most delicious burger she has ever had, was the verdict. The only item that we needed to change out was the ice tea; a minor difference of taste. My daughter likes it strong, while Henry’s tea is very delicate. A switch to soda was graciously handled.

Beer selection at Henry's Grill

Beer selection at Henry's Grill

Also, for those of you who enjoy beer (and soon – wine), Henry’s has their beer and wine license. So far they only have beer on the menu, but beer goes great with many of their specialities, so you may want to see their choices. They also tell us that they soon may be carrying a small collection of wines as well.

Watching the meals arrive for the other diners, it appeared that the experiences that most people were having were about the same. Delicious, delectable, flavorful meals. Henry’s Grill & Rotisserie is a must visit on our list of local eateries. It has a relaxed atmosphere with great food; hard to argue with, especially with it’s proximity to Orange Park Acres.

Note: Nora had a Kobe burger a couple of days later with friends, and although it was very tasty, she still thinks the Lamb burger is the most delicious burger she has ever had.

Breakfast at Henry’s Grill & Rotisserie

Before we left we took a look at the breakfast menu for Henry’s Grill & Rotisserie. Unusual entrees such as french toast that is dipped in egg and then corn flakes have me intrigued; while unusual names such as the Architect’s Upstairs Omelet give a hint to some interesting stories already forming around the local restaurant. We decided that we have to test out their morning fare…

The Architect's Upstairs Omelet - Henry's Grill

The Architect's Upstairs Omelet - Henry's Grill

Saturday morning has come and gone and we had a wonderful breakfast at Henry’s Grill. Choosing what we would test was probably the most difficult part of the morning. I finally settled on the Architects Upstairs Omelet, although I almost went for the Popeye Omelet. The one I chose was scrumptious. Not too much cheese, plenty of other ingredients such as chicken basil sausage, perfect avocado, tomatoes, spinach, and cheddar cheese. It was accompanied by perfectly flakey hash browns, and a side of sourdough toast. I also had a fresh squeezed glass of orange juice… yum.

Nora had Henry’s French Toast which is 4 triangles of toast that has been battered and rolled in corn flakes then deep fried to a golden brown, and dusted in powdered sugar. For both of us, it was perhaps left in the frier a bit too long. I think a lot of people would love it, but it lost some of the french toast texture and taste and ended up being closer to the consistency of the batter from really good onion rings. Great for onion rings but not as good for french toast. However, she got the breakfast as a combo and everything else arrived perfectly cooked. Beautiful hash browns, perfectly cooked eggs and sausage, and she ordered the fruit to top the french toast (it mentions the fruit with the pancakes, so we ordered the upgrade with the french toast) and the strawberries were beautiful.

Henry's French Toast - Henry's Grill

Henry's French Toast - Henry's Grill

For now, breakfast will probably be limited to the weekends, but if you’re looking for a change of pace for a breakfast meeting or a family breakfast outing, Henry’s Grill is a wonderful place to try something new.

Keep in mind that Henry’s Grill & Rotisserie just opened and a few things are still a work in progress. They have some bumpy reviews on Yelp, but they were from the first couple of days of their opening. The owners have been making adjustments along the way. Bad servers are gone. Sir and Donna have come in as shift managers, and are wonderful. Be sure to check and see if Mikey is working, he’s a great waiter; and say hi to Henry… he’s usually there keeping an eye on things. Then, sit back and enjoy a marvelous meal with your friends.

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