OPA and Its Communities

Orange Park Acres community sign

Orange Park Acres - photo by Cynthia Kirkeby

Orange Park Acres was founded in 1928 by Mervin Monnette and Frank Mead Sr., when they incorporated 640 acres as Orange Park Acres Corporation.  Unlike today, when an empty acre lot in this equestrian community can sell for over 1.5 million dollars, in 1928 you could have an acre for an amazing bargain of only $1000!

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Within OPA there are a number of different communities which each have their own unique flavor.  These include:

We will be exploring these communities, and what makes each of them special.  The last gated community to be built in OPA was the Reserve, which added a few more select properties to the area. However, the area is constantly changing, so we’ll watch as Orange Park Acres continues to evolve.

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