Sustainable Fish in Your Favorite Restaurants

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Please take action within our community, and nearby communities that you frequent for your favorite restaurants, and insist on sustainable fish sources for your dinner. We are fishing our oceans into extinction, but we can make a difference by insisting on sustainable food sources for our suppers.

None of us would consider eating an endangered Snow Leopard for dinner, but at the same time many of us are unaware that we are eating another critically endangered species for dinner, the Bluefin Tuna. I happen to love sushi, and I hadn’t really considered whether or not my sushi was an endangered species or not. We need to start caring!

The Bluefin Tuna will soon be extinct if we do not stop fishing it. Attempts to limit the fish to reasonable levels to allow it to recover from near collapse of the species has been futile. Scientist recommended levels were exceeded this past year by 600%. However, we can make a difference.

Ask where what sort of fish you are eating at your favorite restaurants, and tell restaurant owners that you will not frequent their location, if they are featuring endangered species. A restaurant where I’ve enjoyed many evenings in Laguna Beach, Five Feet Restaurant run by Michael Kang, is currently featuring Bluefin Tuna on their menu. I’ve requested its removal, and until it is, I unfortunately will not be returning to eat there. They are officially boycotted in my family. Another restaurant that is serving the endangered fish is Bluefin Fine Japanese Cuisine run by Chef Abe in Newport Beach; another restaurant we will not be frequenting.

I have bookmarked the EDF site on my laptop, and I’ll be paying much closer attention to which fish are from sustainable sources and which are not. You might want to do the same thing. We need to care, or we will be faced with largely barren oceans by 2048. That’s just around the corner. Pay a little more attention to which fish you are eating and we may be able to save our seas.

Just as a footnote: For a real wake-up call, watch The End of the Line, a film that often runs on the Sundance Channel.

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