The Tall Ships Festival – Dana Point

Each year an amazing array of historical sailing ships converge on the town of Dana Point in Orange County, CA.  The event is now sponsored by Toshiba and 2016 is its 32st year. The Tall Ships Festival celebrates the return of the brig Pilgrim from her annual summer sail as an ambassador of good will for the City of Dana Point and the Ocean Institute.  The 2016 festival will take place from Sunset September 9th through the evening of September 11th.

The Toshiba Tall Ships Festival in Dana Point

The Toshiba Tall Ships Festival in Dana Point

The Pilgrim is the ship featured in the classic American novel, “Two Years Before the Mast,” written by Richard Henry Dana, Jr.   The novel traces the  voyages of the Pilgrim as it explored and traded along our coastline in the early days when California was still part of Mexico.

According to the festival organizers:

The brig Pilgrim and the other tall ships of her era represent an important chapter in our nation’s history. This era represents history’s last large-scale technological transportation system whose fabrication and implementation had little or no carbon footprint. In evoking the history, heritage, and romance of the Age of Sail, Tall Ship festivals also symbolize the capacity of humanity to achieve world-changing developments through the use of sustainable technologies.

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