Wild Rivers Loses Its Lease After 26 Years

Unless Irvine’s Wild Rivers can find a new location, possibly at the Great Park, it will close for good after serving the community for 26 years. Once again greed and rezoning has won out over community service.

The Irvine City Council rezoned the land to residential use for the Irvine Company in 2006. Not surprising, the Irvine Company gave the existing tenants termination notices the following year with four years to secure new premises for their recreation services. Not surprisingly, Wild Rivers and the local youth camps have been unable to find a recreation area to relocate to within this concrete jungle we call Orange County.

The water park hires over 1200 seasonal employees each year with over half of them hired from the local youth population. As jobs for young people in Southern California have all but disappeared through the past few recession years, these seasonal jobs will be sorely missed by kids looking for summer work.

The last hope for Wild Rivers rests on making a deal with the Great Park of Orange County which has been building out on the land that was once the Red Hill Helicopter Base.

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